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A six-part series illustrating domestic versions of lithography print, relief print, Intaglio, serigraphy print, chromatic printing and dye printing by local artists.

(Supplemented with Sign Interpretation)

Kitchen Lithography

Artist: Lam Lok-san

The drinking coke is a main ingredient used in lithography. The artist uses the beverage commonly found in households to draw and explain the know-hows of lithography. Viewers can sip along while they create their own lithography print.

Mono Screen Printing

Artist: Lai Siu-wai, Arrow

Each mono screen print is unique. It retains the essence of printmaking while creating distinctive variations in colours and texture. It is also a more efficient way to obtain prints. The artist shares his experience and tips in mono screen printing. Viewers can have fun with the gauge screen and squeegee without using emulsion and exposure machine.

Intaglio – Soft Ground Etching

Artist: Lau Hong-lam

Intaglio is most useful in revealing the finer details of objects, such as the lines and textures of leaves, fingerprints and even the graininess of the pencil’s graphite. The artist demonstrates this copper plate etching by handy materials other than the etching needle.


Artist: Chan Cheuk-yan, Glo

Dye prints can result in marble-like patterns, therefore, it is also known as marbling. It is often found in classical books, in which the uniqueness of the pattern becomes a useful means to counter forgery. The artist illustrates various marbling skills used on end paper and book edge. Viewers can personalize their own collections with special designs and prints.

Multi-Plate Woodblock

Artist: Lau Ka-chun, Jay

Woodblock printing is a type of relief printing. Unlike offset prints, a woodblock comes with natural woodgrains. Colour register refers to the printing of two or more colours on paper. When printing, print one colour on one plate first, before placing the same paper on another plate to print the second colour. Artist Lau Ka-chun, Jay is good at creating woodblock portrait prints and his distinctive works’ sharp, intricate inscriptions manifest the conditions of young people in Hong Kong.


Artist: Mak Wing-sum, Sammi

Monotypes are made by drawing on a plate with a smooth surface such as glass or acrylic plate. Then the drawing is pressed by hand or printed by a printing press onto a sheet of paper. In this demonstration, Artist Sammi Mak Wing-sum will be creating monotype prints characterized by her unique brushstrokes and colours using various tools and materials.

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